Welcome to my first 31 Days series here at Simply Grace! For all of October, we’ll be focused here in this space on how we can embrace the GRACE of personal Bible study. I hope your heart is encouraged by what you read, and I’m excited for conversation and growing friendships – both old and new!

Why write about Bible Study for 31 Days?

All the time, I hear Christian women share their struggles to dig into the Scriptures on their own, and I get it. I’ve had many struggles with it myself, and even with some amazing lessons learned, I still battle my flesh in this area over and over. What I’ve learned, however, is that with a perspective shift and a few helpful tools, it is possible to hear from God through His Word and life is found there.

But the struggle exists, right? Let’s be real here: How often does the idea of personally studying the Bible sound like, well, just ONE. MORE. THING. to do in an already-overcrowded day?

It’s one more thing to squeeze in. One more thing overwhelming my to-do list. One more thing I’m failing at.

ONE MORE THING that I just cannot do well and makes me feel inadequate.

I’ve felt all of that. But I’m joining this 31 Days writing challenge to share with you the things that help me overcome these struggles and have led me deeper into an intimacy with the Lord through studying His precious words. It all starts with a perspective shift. For the days and seasons when Bible study feels like nothing but a burden, we need to hear and understand the truth: 

Gift #1: Bible study is a grace-laced discipline that does the exact opposite of adding to our burdens; it leads us deeper into grace; it’s the one thing meant to alleviate our burdens and lighten our heavy loads.

Bible study grace

What can be expected?

In this series, we’ll talk a lot about that perspective change and highlight the right mindset we need for studying the Bible. Before we get to the how-to helps and practical tools (don’t worry, they’ll come), we’ll work to train ourselves to approach the Scriptures from the right perspective, seeing it through the lens God desires. These are the things that have been life-changing for me, and I pray they are helpful to you. Counting the grace-gifts that personal Bible study offers us, I hope we’ll all be encouraged, wherever we are on our journeys, to embrace the goodness of God that can be known through the discipline of Bible study. That He invites us into it is an incredible, merciful gift!

I’m linking up with the Nester’s 31 Days Challenge, and you can find many other bloggers writing on all kinds of topics (really, EVERYTHING!) here at the 31 Days website.

Day 2: A Grace-Story

Day 3: Finding Jesus Everywhere

Day 4: Psalm 119 and the Gospel

Day 5: Gospel AND Guide

Day 6: Rules

Day 7: Perfect Teacher

Day 8: Heart and Mind

Day 9: Wisdom and Joy

Day 10: Beginning

Day 11: Pace

Day 12: Variety

Day 13: Context

Day 14: A Favorite

Day 15: Commentary

Day 16: Questions

Day 17: Mystery

Day 18: Journaling

Day 19: Bible Study for Busy Moms

Day 20: Examples

Day 21: More Methods

Day 22: Final Two Notecards

Day 23: Vision

Day 24: Mindset

Day 25: Mind of Christ

Day 26: Prayer, Praise, Preparation

Day 27: Warfare

Day 28: Sin and Returning

Day 29: Fellowship

Day 30: Better Community

Day 31: Mission

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