Here are two more of the study cards I like to use:

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You may recognize the first one. This method is fairly common and known in some places as homiletics. Somewhat tedious and not great for every text, it’s not my most loved method, but I like to use it periodically for the ways it challenges and stretches me. I do love the fourth question and find that approaching your study as a teacher is helpful. Even if you’ve never taught anything and don’t plan to in the future, this is a time to pretend! Practicing this type of study is a useful training tool for developing insight.

The second notecard is a favorite of mine. Though it gives you an option for deeper study, you can choose to do all of them over a longer period of time, leading you to dig deeper into the text you’re studying. If you’re a list-lover like me, I think you’ll appreciate how this card leads you in examining Scripture.

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