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I recently read the recent bestseller by Brit Bennett called The Mothers and today I’m joining with #Collaboreads to share my review of this book. This month’s theme is “Love at First Sight,” where readers picked a book whose cover they fell in love with and today have been talking all about it.

Now I didn’t only pick this one for its cover. I’d also heard great things about it, but I noticed a trend in the cover art of the three fiction books I read in February:

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Apparently, I’m into shades of coral and turquoise these days! In my opinion, only one of these proved to be as good as their cover was pretty. 😏

I really enjoyed reading The Mothers, but I can think of a lot of friends who wouldn’t like this one. Here’s why:

This book wasn’t perfect, but it was a page-turner for me. With such spectacular writing, it’s hard to believe this was the work of a debut author. There were sentences so beautifully crafted that they took my breath away. I had to pause often and write down quotes, overcome at times by the depth of insight conveyed in just a brief line. The words were ordered in such a poignant way that the characters – though very different from me – were made to feel so relatable, surprisingly so. The author narrowed in on many aspects of grief that are universally felt, pulling me deeper into a story I didn’t expect to be so impacted by.

Reasons to perhaps stay away from this book: The subject matter is dark, the emotional toll very heavy, and its content leans more graphic in a few places than what I typically can handle.

It deals with abortion and the emotional and relational effects of the character’s decision following it, and it’s mostly a very sad story. While the whole plot builds on an abortion early in the book, it also touches on poverty and race and does so in a good way – helpfully honest and thought-provoking. I can’t say that the story’s end is as fully redemptive as I prefer my novels to be, but considering the subject matter, a heavy and sad tone is expected.

But this was a hard I didn’t want to put down, and that’s because it benefits any pro-life person to enter into the pain of someone choosing abortion, to UNDERSTAND and LOVE her better. This book inspires compassion in a way that’s very needed in this world today. Personally, The Mothers has helped me to think more broadly about the right approach for fighting for the unborn’s right to life. Being pro-life should also be about choosing to really SEE people with eyes of grace and love them in their worst places of hurt, and I loved how Bennett’s unforgettable, compelling characters pierced my heart deeper with that truth.

This book has stayed in my mind for weeks after finishing it, which signals to me a good book. But if you’re feeling sensitive at all to the content and tone I described, don’t say I didn’t warn you! My rating: 4 Stars.

“Her father propped his sadness on a pew, but she put her sad in places no one could see.” – The Mothers

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