Why Simply Grace?

Several years ago, God started showing me that I’d left the gospel behind. I appreciated what the good news of the gospel meant for bringing me to Christ years ago, but I hadn’t paid it much attention in the next season of my spiritual life – striving to live for Christ.

And he’s just been wrecking my heart all up ever since.

He began peeling back layers of my self-reliance, showing me that my desire to grow as a Christian was anything but grace-filled and gospel-empowered. I’ve written more about that here. So here I am, trying to work out lessons God is teaching me about looking at this life, Scripture, and my own messed-up-but-redeemed heart through the lens of GRACE. I don’t do it perfectly. Some days, not well at all. I love God’s Word, but I’m no expert. Just a sinner saved by grace, learning very slowly how to do less striving and more resting.

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I’ve been married to Joel for a little over a decade, and God’s grace has been written all over that! I still have a lot to learn about loving him well, and I am so thankful for the mercy God has shown us and the gifts that have come from being married to this guy.

We have three young kids and are in that busy season (is there ever one that isn’t?) of driving them places, feeding them, and struggling to be wise with the moments we have to teach God’s love, praying that He explodes their hearts with it.

One of our children was adopted into our family, and we are forever changed by an up-close look at how God redeems even in a far-from-image-3perfect foster care system. It gets me pretty excited.

I’m passionate about the people of the church – the believers in Jesus around the world – rising up to play our part in caring for the poor and oppressed, the orphans, and other children in difficult places. Being the hands and feet of Jesus is a real calling for his people. But I hope this happens only because we are so freed and driven by the gospel and not because we need to make ourselves better Christians and check off the “love orphans and widows” box we are sometimes guilted into.

I think the life of following Jesus is a hard one, and we need each other’s help to stay on course. The best friends in the world are the ones who remind me that “It is finished” and join me in embracing the grace he’s poured out. I want to be that kind of friend too.

I could NEVER have too many friendships like that! Let’s journey together –