Finding Jesus Everywhere

Luke 24 tells a story that has become one of my favorites. The very day Jesus was raised from the dead, he joined a couple of the disciples who were headed to the village of Emmaus and after listening to their conversation about the […]

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The Bible As A Grace-Story

I said in yesterday’s post that Bible study can feel like another burden to bear when in actuality, it’s the thing meant to lessen our burdens. How? By leading us deeper into the gospel story – reminding us who Christ is and how his […]

Embracing the GRACE of Bible Study

Welcome to my first 31 Days series here at Simply Grace! For all of October, we’ll be focused here in this space on how we can embrace the GRACE of personal Bible study. I hope your heart is encouraged by what you read, and […]

Three Things to Consider Before Filling Up Your Calendar

Do any of you other moms find yourselves “nesting” for the start of a new school year? This is the second year I’ve noticed that a certain panic strikes shortly before the kids return to school and suddenly I’m obsessed with being organized, prepared, and […]

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The God Who Protects (And The Prayers We Pray)

We got home late last night from a busy travel-packed four days, and I planned to share with you how God’s using some of the hard motherhood moments from one trip to show me my heart and my kids’ hearts. But that will have […]

One Way to Redeem Dinnertime Chaos and Teach Your Kids to Pray

When I hear people speak of family dinner time as sacred and sweet, I have to wonder if they have kids. Maybe it’s just us, but the thirty-ish minutes we spend all around the dinner table every night display nearly ALL our weaknesses. If […]

8 Gospel Glimpses in the Call of Gideon

The story of Gideon fleshes out the gospel like no other. Granted, all of the stories in the Bible point us to Jesus in some way, but Gideon’s is so remarkable that the writer of Hebrews mentions him as an example of faith so […]

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Lessons from Habakkuk, part three

Last spring as I was working my way through Habakkuk for the first time, something a preacher said about grief really caught my attention and made me think about it in a whole new light.

It was Tullian Tchividjian whose words spoke powerfully, “Grief is an expression […]

Lessons from Habakkuk, part two

A little over a year ago, I experienced something that devastated my sense of God’s love for a little while. At ten weeks into a joyful surprise pregnancy, I lost the baby my heart (still) aches for. It was my second miscarriage, but this […]

Lessons from Habakkuk, part one

I spent four weeks this summer with a group of wonderful women studying the book of Habakkuk, and leading this study was a huge joy. Habakkuk is one of those books that no one studies ever. At least not most people I know! If […]

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