#Collaboreads / The God Of All Comfort

When my friend gifted me for Christmas a book called The God of All Comfort by Hannah Whitall Smith,  I knew I wanted to read it right away in the new year. You know from my reading goals I shared last week that I’m trying […]

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My Favorite Fiction Reads From Last Year + Reading Goals For the New Year

Earlier this month I shared my parenting goals for the new year, and today I’m talking reading goals for 2017. I’ve already shared how this hobby of reading made a comeback in my life this past year and brought back to me the joy […]

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Dealing With Sadness – What I Learned in September

September was a full month, and since I’m behind on posting this one, I decided to cut short my list of lessons learned and briefly share the main thing pressing on my mind and heart:

I don’t want to waste any darkness.
Last month had its share of sad […]

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What I Learned in August (Bible Study Edition) – Brokenness, Mercy, and More

Lately I’ve spent my personal Bible study time in the book of Joel – a tiny, 3-chapter book of prophecy in the Old Testament.

I have a fascination with books like this one. The minor prophets just always get right to the heart of Israel’s […]

The Danger And Beauty of Telling Our Stories

I’ve often found stories to be a little dangerous.

Let me explain. I know we’re supposed to be telling our stories and celebrating the ones around us, but it just strikes me that whenever we do, there’s potential to elevate people above the Author. Combine that with our culture’s preference […]

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Mothering with a Plan

Lately I’ve been thinking about my early days of motherhood. It was nearly ten years ago that my sweet Jonah’s birth made me a mother, and he and I spent three years together before his sister Parker Jane arrived on the scene. It was another […]

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New Year, New Mercies

2015. Here we are! The beginning of a new year makes me giddy. I’m a girl who loves a fresh start. A clean slate. A new season with new hopes and opportunities. This moment to pause and reflect on God’s faithfulness through the last year […]

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A Bible Study Mission

Our 31st day is finally here! In closing, I want to share with you a Bible story I just love –
Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Rise and go toward the south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to […]

Bible Study and Better Community

Reading through the book of Acts highlights the importance of the Word as the center of Christian fellowship. Evidencing the Holy Spirit’s power and providing vignettes of what his work looked like in beginning and growing the church, this book’s record of early church history elevates the […]

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Bible Study and Fellowship

Throughout our 31 day journey toward embracing the grace of Bible Study, we’ve focused a lot on growing our individual Bible study habits, but for our final days of this series we’ll be looking at the group aspect of studying God’s Word.

My heart feels tender toward […]