On Loneliness, Home, and Healing – What I Learned This Winter

March is here, which means Spring is on its way, and that’s good news to my heart! (And to my pale skin.) But it’s also that time when I pause, reflecting on lessons learned over the past three months, and I’m amazed at the […]

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On Parenting, Church & More – What I Learned This Fall

This fall has been full, and I’ve got a long list of lessons learned to go with it:
1.) I need help with parenting.
Yep, this is where I am. I feel like I did when I first became a mom, desperate to get my hands […]

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Why Pursuit of Community Is Worth the Risk

Last night was our community group’s final meeting of the semester, and I ugly-cried my way out the door as soon as it ended. That was our last time to officially meet with this group before our family relocates to Dallas. As our leader Chris prayed at the close, […]

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Bible Study and Better Community

Reading through the book of Acts highlights the importance of the Word as the center of Christian fellowship. Evidencing the Holy Spirit’s power and providing vignettes of what his work looked like in beginning and growing the church, this book’s record of early church history elevates the […]

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Bible Study and Fellowship

Throughout our 31 day journey toward embracing the grace of Bible Study, we’ve focused a lot on growing our individual Bible study habits, but for our final days of this series we’ll be looking at the group aspect of studying God’s Word.

My heart feels tender toward […]

The Most Encouraging Mom-Friend You Could Have

I remember the kind of mom-friend I was drawn to as I began motherhood:
This friend spent time preparing plans for instructing her children in The Lord. She knew how to calmly but firmly speak to a disobedient child, consistently diffusing chaotic situations with a quick […]

Praying Your Way Through Fostering

“We’re praying that mom gets her baby back!”
My friend was told these words one Sunday morning when a man she knew approached her at church soon after she began fostering a baby.

Moments later, someone else stopped her in the halls at church to offer […]

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