On Loneliness, Home, and Healing – What I Learned This Winter

March is here, which means Spring is on its way, and that’s good news to my heart! (And to my pale skin.) But it’s also that time when I pause, reflecting on lessons learned over the past three months, and I’m amazed at the […]

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5 Parenting Goals for the New Year

It’s 2017! The past month for me has been all about goals and dreaming and planning and beginning to taking action.

Writing down the things my heart knows needs change, I’ve made all kinds of lists of things to work on, covering many areas of […]

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On Parenting, Church & More – What I Learned This Fall

This fall has been full, and I’ve got a long list of lessons learned to go with it:
1.) I need help with parenting.
Yep, this is where I am. I feel like I did when I first became a mom, desperate to get my hands […]

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Ready or Not, Summer Break is Here

Today was the last day of school for my kids, and earlier my mom asked me how I’m feeling about that.

Well….I definitely have feelings about it!

There’s a lot I’m really excited about – more time with my kids, a slower pace, no more school drop-offs […]

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Mothering with a Plan

Lately I’ve been thinking about my early days of motherhood. It was nearly ten years ago that my sweet Jonah’s birth made me a mother, and he and I spent three years together before his sister Parker Jane arrived on the scene. It was another […]

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Bible Study for Busy Moms

Below is a short video containing practical tips from Jani Ortlund for moms wanting to grow in the Word. Her advice applies to anyone in a busy, stretching season of life, but I always struggled with consistency in studying God’s Word when I had a newborn in […]

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Slowing Down

If there’s one word God has written on my heart as the theme of this summer, it is SLOW.
I knew things needed to slow down for me and my family, but the slowness He’s been working into our family life this summer has gone much […]

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When Mothering Threatens to Crush You

Though it pushes me to a breaking point every year, there’s no way the chaotic end-of-school-year-stress makes me forget what follows in the summertime when everyone is home together, all day every day. We all must adjust to being back together again, and in the Estes […]

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The Most Encouraging Mom-Friend You Could Have

I remember the kind of mom-friend I was drawn to as I began motherhood:
This friend spent time preparing plans for instructing her children in The Lord. She knew how to calmly but firmly speak to a disobedient child, consistently diffusing chaotic situations with a quick […]

One Way to Redeem Dinnertime Chaos and Teach Your Kids to Pray

When I hear people speak of family dinner time as sacred and sweet, I have to wonder if they have kids. Maybe it’s just us, but the thirty-ish minutes we spend all around the dinner table every night display nearly ALL our weaknesses. If […]