6 Things I’ve Learned Lately About Overcoming Despair

Have you ever walked through a valley of despair?  I think we’ve all known what it’s like to have something weighing on us, trying to pull us under and make us unproductive in the kingdom-life God has for us. As different as each of our […]

Dealing With Sadness – What I Learned in September

September was a full month, and since I’m behind on posting this one, I decided to cut short my list of lessons learned and briefly share the main thing pressing on my mind and heart:

I don’t want to waste any darkness.
Last month had its share of sad […]

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What I Learned in August (Bible Study Edition) – Brokenness, Mercy, and More

Lately I’ve spent my personal Bible study time in the book of Joel – a tiny, 3-chapter book of prophecy in the Old Testament.

I have a fascination with books like this one. The minor prophets just always get right to the heart of Israel’s […]

On Identity, Slowing Down, and Writing – 3 Things I Learned During the Month of July

God has done so much in our lives this year. Through highs and lows, there’s been a lot to praise Him for, but I’m afraid I was too busy to really pay attention to a lot of it these past few months. Now that […]

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The Journey of Joy

I’ve been chewing on James 1:2 the past several weeks ever since my summer Bible study group studied this verse last month, and I just can’t quite move on from this idea, this command, to “count it all joy.” I sense God wanting to work that joy deeper into me, […]

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Prayer, Praise, Preparation

Thanking God for how involved he is in setting my eyes on Jesus, there are three specific ways I see Bible study helping with this:
1. Bible Study Teaches Me How to Pray.
When I’m digging into the Bible and learning more of God’s heart, I become […]

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The God Who Protects (And The Prayers We Pray)

We got home late last night from a busy travel-packed four days, and I planned to share with you how God’s using some of the hard motherhood moments from one trip to show me my heart and my kids’ hearts. But that will have […]

8 Gospel Glimpses in the Call of Gideon

The story of Gideon fleshes out the gospel like no other. Granted, all of the stories in the Bible point us to Jesus in some way, but Gideon’s is so remarkable that the writer of Hebrews mentions him as an example of faith so […]

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Lessons from Habakkuk, part three

Last spring as I was working my way through Habakkuk for the first time, something a preacher said about grief really caught my attention and made me think about it in a whole new light.

It was Tullian Tchividjian whose words spoke powerfully, “Grief is an expression […]

Lessons from Habakkuk, part two

A little over a year ago, I experienced something that devastated my sense of God’s love for a little while. At ten weeks into a joyful surprise pregnancy, I lost the baby my heart (still) aches for. It was my second miscarriage, but this […]